First Flight on Ultralight Aircraft

All year round, we propose First Flights on a multi-axis ultra-light aircraft. Ultralight aircraft have two seats maximum, so you will be therefore the only passenger.Ultralight aircraft

Interested in holding the stick ?  you will want a discovery flight instead: click here

We propose the following two options:

You are in the right seat (the passenger seat), and you will enjoy the exceptional visibility that the Pionneer 200 bubble canopy provides

It is essential to bring a cap to protect you from the sun. You will also have to wear an aviation headset. Bobs and hats are not suitable.

A 60 minutes flight would allow to follow the valley of the Vilaine up to Arzal, then fly over the Gulf of Morbihan or the salt marshes of Guérande.

If you are interested in piloting, the pilot will be happy to explain some of the machine operations.

Note: Regulations set a distance limit of 40km from the departure aerodrome.

Area that can be covered with an Ultralight aircraft for the first flight (opposite)

The aircraft used for Ultralight aircraft First Flight  is a Pioneer 200, a well-equipped and efficient 80hp low-wing aircraft (up to 180km/h cruise speed), with a "bubble" canopy that provides an excellent view. It has an emergency cell parachute.